marketing and web review

Whatever your requirements I can hopefully find a solution by working with you to best meet your needs, for a day or longer term.

1. Review marketing material including web-site content Gather all marketing/promotional material and web-site content and review for gaps, duplication and terminology. Recommendations on meeting regulatory requirements (e.g. PMA), information is clear, consistent, fits/enhances with your brand and gives appropriate information.
2. Analyse the customer journey Meetings with relevant staff to understand the existing points of contact and information given. An ‘as is’ flow map with recommendations to improve customer service, pre and post sale, will be produced for each journey identifying points of contact and information needed.
5. Review sales targets and parameters (KPIs) Meet with the relevant personnel and gather development appraisal assumptions on, on cost, average share sold and void period Comparisons with the market given together with any opportunities to enhance revenue
8 Develop sales plan and framework Review existing framework and then working with the Development Manager to develop a sales plan for (suggest we trial some pipeline schemes) Framework plan and plans for (we could use a couple of schemes)
9. Research the demand for Shared Ownership Desktop and on the ground research, estate agents, RPs and developers. Potential size of demand, current supply, price point comparisons for products, affordability ratios and property types.


  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Marketing plans
  • Pricing strategies
  • Event management

Web design