Shared Ownership Sales

We provide a specialist sales and marketing agency service to housing associations, local authorities and private developers. We are not a high street estate agent – we understand shared ownership sales require something more in terms of customer service and RPs needs. We can work with your development team to ensure that you can go to market as soon as possible, leases are lender approved, buyers are eligible and can sustain ownership, you are developing properties people want to buy, at the right price point.

Service Review

Service Review

Health Check

Marketing and sales strategies

Asset disposal policy

Stock acquisition and rationalisation

New business

New business

Bids and tenders for grant and new projects

Project risk appraisals and feasibility studies

Identification of funding sources

Consortium working and Section 106 agreements (intermediate housing)



Management services for Housing Associations and Local Authorities

Management services for Housing Associations and Local Authorities

Setting up and reviewing sales teams, structure, JDs, processes and KPIs

Interim management and temporary staff (sales and marketing)

Scrutinise current performance to drive out service improvement, analyse sales rates and identify leaning points for future launches and developments

Individual scheme risk and marketing appraisals